A Guide to Cruise Insurance

No one wants to be the one looking for travel insurance as it is requires a lot of work. The policies offered by the insurance companies vary and therefore one should keenly select that policy that suits their needs.

Cruise lines offer their own travel insurance, however it is NOT the best option, and prices are far more than finding insurance on your own. The other disadvantage of using a cruise line insurance policy is that they are secondary. And in most situations, cruise lines do not offer cash as compensation but rather give more credits. Learn more about cruise insurance, go here  cruisehive.com

Travel agents have relationships with travel insurance companies, however only after doing your own cost comparison will you know a particular insurance policy meets only your particular needs, and cost. Only purchase what you need, and beware of add-ons that do not benefit you, and only add to the policy cost.  Find out for further  details right here  cruisehive.com

First its important to understand the difference between a primary and secondary policy. A secondary policy is purchased through intermediaries such as cruise lines and airlines while that which is bought directly by the individual in need of it is the primary policy. The big different in payment is the primary policy will pay quickly, and to you directly. on the other hand, a secondary policy usually involves long processes when it comes to payment.

Below we analyze various policies suitable for cruise passengers.

Trip Delay - Interruption or Cancellation of your cruise due to a major storm. it's the most basic policy as it covers things like a missed cruise or a delayed cruise due to bad weather and the extra cost of spending on meals and overnight stay in a city. One should clearly understand that there are various time frames for delay as well as caps for deferments. Of importance is to make sure that the policy also covers non-refundable tours and excursions if one happens to miss any port call.

You Cancel Your Trip - There are exclusions to this kind of policy, however there are reasons travelers have to cancel a trip. If one takes this policy, whatever kind of payment they had made for the cruise trip is paid.

The third policy is emergency medical evacuation which is very important if either them or their companion has a medical condition that may require evacuation back to their home states for medical attention. it is worth noting that the costs for being evacuated are extremely high and have to be covered by either the individual or their families. Howver there are many factors that determine the cost of this policy such as location, how accessible medical attention may be at that place.

The fourth policy covers against ship related illnesses for the individual. Take a  look at this link  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travel_insurance   for more information.